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Despite the progress of renewable energy sources, more than 85% of the worldwide energy is produced by combustion. Medium-range forecasts confirm that combustion of fossil and renewable fuels will remain the major energy supplier. Hence, the design of clean and sustainable energy systems is crucial to handle climate change.
The technological bottlenecks for the design of low-emission combustion chambers are of multi-scale and multi-physics nature. This talk will focus on current research carried out by the DMF group at TU Berlin. We investigate the unsteady nature of combustor flows with Large Eddy Simulations and combine the flow field data with acoustic low-order models. More recently, we generate data-driven models using Machine Learning architectures to improve our understanding of the flow phenomena.


The event will be held online and can be accessed through the link on the right. For the password, please contact tina.schwabe[at]tu-berlin.de.