We welcome our new PhD students!

We welcome our new PhD students, who were selected in our application process.


Congratulations to Leon Sallandt and co-authors who win paper award at ICML.

We congratulate Leon Sallandt and co-authors. Their paper ‘Solving high-dimensional parabolic PDEs using the tensor train format’ was accepted at the ICML (International Conference on Machine Learning) and received the “Outstanding Paper Honorable Mention” award.
See https://icml.cc/virtual/2021/awards_detail


Welcome to our new associated PIs!

We have recently admitted three new colleagues as associated PIs. We welcome Dr Marcus Weber (Zuse Institute), Dr Jan Hermann (FU Berlin) and Dr Alfonso Caiazzo (WIAS) to our team!


Call for 13 new DAEDALUS Doctoral Positions open

The call for 13 new DAEDALUS doctoral positions (2nd cohort), starting October 01, 2021, is now open. Further details can be found at daedalus.berlin/call/ and as pdf file.


Welcome to our new DAEDALUS PIs

We are happy to announce that Professor Gabriele Steidl (TU Berlin), Professor Cecilia Clementi (FU Berlin), Professor Barbara Zwicknagl (HU Berlin), Professor Volker John (FU Berlin & WIAS) and Professor Tobias Breiten (TU Berlin) are now affiliated in DAEDALUS as PIs.


Professor Wolf-Christian Müller new speaker of DAEDALUS

Professor Wolf-Christian Müller, who formerly acted as co-speaker, was appointed as the new speaker of DAEDALUS. The new co-speaker is Professor Gabriele Steidl, who recently became an associated PI at DAEDALUS. Congratulations to both.


Welcome to our new associated PIs!

We recently admitted 5 new colleagues as additionally involved scientist. We welcome Professor Tobias Breiten (TU Berlin), Professor Cecilia Clementi (FU Berlin), Professor Abdulla Ghani (TU Berlin), Professor Gabriele Steidl (TU Berlin) and Professor Barbara Zwicknagl (HU Berlin) to our team!


Professor Gitta Kutyniok accepted the position as Chair for Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Congratulations to Professor Gitta Kutyniok. She has accepted the position as Chair for Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Professor Kutyniok, who also has been chair at DAEDALUS, left DAEDALUS in order to fully concentrate on her new position. We very much thank her for the engagement and dedication she put into DAEDALUS and wish her all the best for her future.


Congratulations to Professor Frank Noé, Jonas Köhler and co-authors: Paper on Boltzmann Generators published in Science!

We congratulate on the acceptation of the paper ‘Boltzmann generators: Sampling equilibrium states of many-body systems with deep learning’ by Frank Noé, Simon Olsson, Jonas Köhler and Hao Wu.



Professor Jörn Sesterhenn has accepted the professorship ‘Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics’ at University of Bayreuth. Congratulations!

Professor Jörn Sesterhenn will be mainly engaged in data assimilation. We wish him all the best for the future and congratulate to this achievement!


Congratulations – Prof. Kutyniok has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Senior member.


The IEEE Senior Membership is an honor bestowed only to those who have made significant contributions to the profession. For more information on IEEE see here: https://www.ieee.org/https://www.8ecm.si/program/plenary-speakers


Prof. Gitta Kutyniok has been selected as Plenary Speaker at 8th European Congress of Mathematics, 5 – 11 July 2020, Portorož, Slovenia.


We congratulate Professor Kutyniok. For more information please see here
https://www.8ecm.si/ and here https://www.8ecm.si/program/plenary-speakers


Professor Gitta Kutyniok was announced as fellow of SIAM 2019


We congratulate Professor Gitta Kutyniok for beeing elected as fellow of The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) 2019! SIAM nominates each year outstanding members for their commendable research contributions in the area of applied mathematical and computational science and their particular service to the community. For further details please refer to External link to the SIAM page


Professor Frank Noé is main organizer of this falls program “Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning” (IPAM)


Simons Fellow at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) for its Fall 2019 program on “Machine Learning for Physics and the Physics of Learning” to be held at IPAM in Sept 4-Dec 8, 2019. Frank Noé is also the main organizer of this program held at UCLA’s Lake Arrowhead Conference Center. For more details: External link to the IPAM page


Professor Frank Noé received Early Career Award from the American Chemical Society


Congratulations to Professor Frank Noé for being awarded this year’s Early Career Award in Theoretical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The society honored his outstanding and pioneering work in the field of innovative computational methods in biophysics, notably ‘Markov Modeling’ and its applications in protein simulations. For more details please refer to: External link to the page of FU Berlin


Our first newsletter is out!

Please feel free to download or visit it here: Newsletter


We welcome our new PhD students!

We welcome our new PhD students, who were selected in our application process.


Call for Applications

The call for applications for the 14 PhD positions can be found here. The deadline is 6 July 2018.
Please click here for further details on the application and selection procedure.

RTG DAEDALUS (RTG 2433) funded!

We are very happy and proud that our Research Training Group DAEDALUS (RTG 2433) has been accepted for funding by the DFG! Click here for more information (in German).