Basics and Contact

  • Postal address:
    Technische Universität Berlin
    Faculty II
    Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Hardenbergstraße 36A, 10623 Berlin
    ER 374 and
    Müller-Breslau-Straße 12, 10623 Berlin
    VWS 114
  • Studied subject (Bachelor/Master):
    Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.)
    Engineering Science (Physikalische Ingenieurwissenschaft) (M.Sc.)

Research interests:

  • Coherent Structures
  • System Identification
  • Model Reduction
  • Optimization and Control

Published Papers:

Biegler, M., Wang, J., Kaiser, L. and Rethmeier, M. (2020), Automated Tool‐Path Generation for Rapid Manufacturing of Additive Manufacturing Directed Energy Deposition Geometries. steel research int.. doi:10.1002/srin.202000017


  • TU Berlin Exchange Scholarship
  • CSC Scholarship (Chinese Government Scholarship)

Teching experience:

  • Teaching Assistant for Engineering Mechanics